• Do you sell water-saving products? How do they work?Open or Close

    Johnson Bathrooms offers taps and water closets (flush tanks) that use water saving technology that helps regulating the use of water.

    Foam Flow: this system has a mesh inside the aerator assembly which mixes the water with oxygen, producing a foam effect which gives the same volume of water discharge, but with limited flow of water, thereby saving water substantially.

    Johnson Bathrooms offers taps and water closets (flush tanks) that use water saving technology that helps regulating the use of water.

    Pressmatic: this water saving technology is based on a spring loaded system that controls water discharge, with an average flow rate of around 5-6 litres per minute. Our Pressmatic products include:

    • Pillar Cock for basins in commercial places

    • Bib Cock for water dispensers, etc.

    • Angle Cock especially meant for urinals

    Sensors: this system uses sensors to control water flow. Sensors can be used in taps as well as urinals. They work with an AC/DC operated mechanism, which in the event of a power failure shifts to battery usage (direct current).

    EcoFlush: this is a water saving range of water closets that has dual flush internal fittings to discharge 4.75/2.5 litres of water (as compared to the regular 6/3 litres). The products in this range are – EcoflushDlx Omni, Ecoflush Omni, Aston Omni, Ecoflush Coupled Closet.

  • How should i maintain my bathroom?Open or Close

    Maintaining a bathroom regularly is important to keep it clean and germ-free. Please refer to our Tips & Care section to know more about cleaning and caring for your bathroom

  • Do we really need an exhaust fan in the bathroom?Open or Close

    The bathroom is the most damp and humid place in the house, providing ideal conditions for mold, bacteria, viruses, etc. to grow. Installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom will discourage mildew growth in the bathroom, and increase air circulation to decrease moisture. If your toilet unit is included in the bathroom, air circulation will also keep foul smell out.

  • Are your taps covered by warranty?Open or Close

    Johnson Bathrooms taps are warranted for a period of 7 years against any manufacturing defect, from the date of purchase. The warranty period is not renewed or extended on supply of spare parts during the warranty.

  • How can i locate a dealer near my residence?Open or Close

    Our dealer network includes more than 300 active dealers across the country. Use the Dealer Locator on this site to locate a dealer closest to you.

  • Where can i see your product range?Open or Close

    After having gone through our product range on this site and need a personal experience, please do visit any of our showrooms in your city. For more information call us or write to us and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Can i easily get spare parts?Open or Close

    Johnson Bathrooms service personnel are stationed at more than 35 locations across India. This assures not only quick service, but also easy availability of spares.

  • Can i combine products from different collections?Open or Close

    Yes. You can mix and match from different collections if you feel it will suit your overall design. But if you choose to do that, do consider the design elements of each collection like the shape, colour and size. Please visit our showroom to get an idea of the combination you have in mind.

  • My toilet space is small, is there any way i can save on space?Open or Close

    Try using concealed cisterns that are hidden inside the wall and fitted with closets of your choice. They improve not only the aesthetics of the bathroom, but also free up a lot of space.

    Johnson Bathrooms offers the Nuvo & Carol Concealed Cistern, made of HDP (High Density Polyethylene) material and is about 80mm thick, which means it can fit inside a 1 brick wall. This product has 2 provisions for inlet of water into the tank- one on the left side of the tank and other on the top - which makes it convenient for installations as well as repairs.

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