• DuraShine

    Faucets plated with high quality chrome that gives long lasting shine.

  • LongLIfe

    Cartridges and spindles tested for over 2 lakn cycles, assuring long life of faucets.

  • EcoFlow

    Eco-frinedly faucets with water saving aerators.

  • EasyClean

    Silicon rubber nozzels help in easy cleaning of sift deposits, therby delivering uninterrupted flow.

  • EcoFlush

    Conserver water by using only 4.7 litres for full flush and 3 litres for half flush.

  • SoftClose

    Eliminates the unpleasant bang of the seat cover every time you close it.

  • Durable

    Durable Imported Flush Fittings

  • SoftMove

    Special cartridges to ensure smooth movement of single lever faucets.

  • AutoWash

    Electronic faucets with auto on/off, helps in saving water and maintaining hygiene.

  • UnoFlow

    Faucets with aerated flow technology for delivering uniform flow of water that feels smooth and soft.

  • GermFree

    Sanitaryware with Silver Nano techonology has unique anti-bacterail properties, giving superior hygiene and protection for your family.

  • DualFlush

    Saves water with 6 litres for full flush and 3 litres for half flush.

  • Saves water

    Products with 4.5/3 Litre Flushing for Water Saving

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