PAGE_CONTENT: Johnson’s Ruby kitchen sink range is one of the most popular additions to modern Indian kitchens. Made with high-quality stainless steel, the sinks are designed with smooth curves at corners to ensure all water flows to the waste drain. Rubber pads added to the bottom of the sink provide a noise-cancelling effect. So, don’t worry about waking up the whole house if you drop something in the sink at night. category-box-4Category_image_of_Faucet_fitting_12641elite-5000-pillar-cock_rmggqqztctwwszyc_1Elite_4000Elite_3000elite_2000elite1000_pillar_tap_odyrdv3kzf7w9w3welite-bathroomaltisomegaspiritFusion_iamgedeltaSigma_subcategory_imagespun_1florenceisitwirilqubecvivajazz_1Fast_new_subcategory_imagenexacurl_1Trio_Subcategory_imageoakmilo_Subcategory_imagecliff_imageSenso_imagerubyneo_1fast_lightanmol_1bodycscTouch_litepressmaticflush_valvecategory_image_of_shower_allieds0039c_ipzd6aozntmbdqnn8742optima-rain-shower-round_tttp8x5kw4et8tk8_omuqkdwynnigjutqmicrosoftteams-image_16__g6tcr44rqh572rowhand_showshower_armAllied_Sub_category_imagehealthbathSanitary_category_image_1ominiEleganceCoupled_closetswallhungewcorissaconceleadflush_tankseat_covervanity_basinunderwashbasin_2full_pedestalhalf_pedestalgrab_barLAB_SINKSCeramicurinalallied_1category_image_of_kitchen_sinks_1sinkJIS0101Bburgodolicecannesbancomonteconcealedbath_1Category_image_of_bath_cabinetsTeak-Woodallied_4Germ_free_category_image_1germTeak-Wood_1Oriental_Pillar_CockDeniz_Bath_tub_spout_plainDORIS-PLAN-SPOUTArc_PILLAR_COCK

Johnson’s modular kitchen sinks have been designed keeping in mind the regular and large kitchen counter sizes. You can choose the kitchen sink size best suited for your kitchen space and design.

The stainless steel body resists condensation and makes it easy to clean any stains with minimum effort. Rounded corners and smooth decline to the waste hole mean nothing stays stuck after you are done using the sink.

The waste coupling is another useful feature of the modern kitchen sink. It stops any type of solid trash from getting sucked into the drainage and makes it easier to put such stuff out of the basin.

Johnson’s kitchen sinks have been designed for elegance and durability. With these stainless steel kitchen sinks you can keep your kitchen space tidy and organised. These steel sinks are coupled with noise-cancelling pads underneath, which suppress the noise from utensils hitting the sink. Add these modern and designer kitchen sink to your kitchen with Johnson’s range of mixer faucets for a complete finish.